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How to start a lotto business with Baxi pos

How to start a lotto business with Baxi pos.

Lotto Business is another lucrative business in Nigeria, Many people see the lotto as a quick way to get money which makes it very lucrative to start. Although there are so many types of lotto platforms one can join, an example is Babaijebu, the first in Nigeria and green lotto. But the main one for the purpose of this article is Set lotto and green lotto which is available on Baxi pos terminal

As a verified Baxi agent, you can add lotto business to your agency banking business to increase the profit and at the same time, it will increase your customer base.

How to play lotto on Baxi pos

To access the lotto platform on Baxi box, you need to upgrade the app to the latest by downloading it from the play store or sideloading the updated app on the machine once that is done the icon will be added to other services.

Feature of set lotto

  • Check winning Ticket
  • Check winning number
  • play any game (Direct, Permutation, Combination
  • Payout to winners

features of Green Lotto

  • Check result
  • Check winning ticket
  • Play any game ( Now Now, Champion, Green lotto FTN,Win Big and more)

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