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Baxi Box Pos – Price, Charges, Commission, and Service in 2023

 Baxi Box Pos – Price, Charges, Commission, and Service in 2023

Baxi Box Pos – Price, Charges, Commission, and Service in 2023.

Capricorn Digital Limited (CDL) owns the Baxi POS device. They have two different POS devices: the MPOS device and the Baxi Android POS. The Baxi pos android device, which runs Android 8.1, costs 80,000 Naira to buy and 15,000 Naira to lease. While the Mpos cost 5,000. The Baxi Mpos is a mobile point-of-sale system that looks like a calculator. In order for it to work, an Android phone is required, and before you can start printing receipts, you also need an extra mobile Bluetooth printer.

Features of Baxi POS Device

Apart from withdrawal and fund transfer, there are other cool features in their POS device which will be listed below

Checking of account balance: With the new Baxi POS 2.0, agents can now help customers check their account balance via their ATM.

Payment of Utility Bills: When it comes to payment of utility bills (Electricity bill, Recharge Card, Cables Subscription) Baxi POS is one of the best, and their Platform is very reliable. You also earn a commission for every bill payment.

Fund transfer portal: Baxi Box can make transfers to other Baxi users with their phone numbers or you make use of their partner ID and charge 10 Naira while transfers to other banks are charged 15 Naira while

Vending of Recharge Card: you can use your POS and Baxi app for vending/printing out recharge card pins while you also earn a commission for every card sold.

How Reliable is Baxi Pos Their Network?

No POS is perfect and there is no POS without network problems, even banks’ ATMs do have network challenges sometimes. I can rate Baxi 80% when it comes to network for withdrawal transactions and 97% for Fund transfers and Baxi customer service is always ready to solve any problem

How do I check a customer’s account balance on Baxi POS

Baxi agents can now check customer card account balance on the pos with the recent Baxi update, to do so,

  • Click on the check card balance
  • Insert the debit card
  • Enter the customer’s pin
  • Click send

How Do I Update My KYC As A Baxi App Agent?

  • Click on settings
  • Click on Update KYC
  • Put your BVN and wait for 24hrs for approval

How Fast Does Baxi Resolve Dispense Errors?

Whenever there is a network problem and your customer gets debited the first thing you need to do is to check their card support portal or contact Baxi customer support if the transaction was successful or it failed. If the transaction is successful just click on the report and your wallet will be credited in the next 10 min If the transaction failed, you don’t need to pay the customer, Use the Baxi card resolution on the POS machine, and the agent will be credited within 24hrs

 Disadvantages of Baxi pos

No Session ID number for fund transfers 

The session ID is a 30-digit number that can be used to trace fund transfer that is yet to reflect in the customer account. As a Baxi agent, you will need to contact the support for any fund transfer that is yet to reflect for its session ID.  

Baxi Box POS Charges for withdrawal

  • 0.55% from 1-19,999
  • 20,000 Naira to 1 million 100 Naira flat
  • 15 Naira Flat for Transfers

Baxi Box Commission Structure

  • Abuja Postpaid 0.960%
  • Abuja Prepaid  0.960%
  • Airtel Bundle   1.760%
  • DStv (MultiChoice) Subscription Payment Sabimen Agent 1.200%
  • DStv (MultiChoice) Subscription Payment Regular Agent 1.400%
  • Eko Postpaid 0.800%
  • Eko Prepaid 0.800%
  • Enugu Postpaid 2.000%
  • Enugu Prepaid  2.000%
  • Etisalat Bundle 2.800%
  • Glo Bundle Recharge 2.800%
  • Glo Prepaid Recharge 2.800%
  • Golden Chance Lotto 5/90 20.000%
  • GOTv (MultiChoice) Subscription Payment Sabimen Agent 1.200%
  • GOTv (MultiChoice) Subscription Payment Regular Agent 1.400%
  • Ikeja Disco Bill Payment  1.200%
  • Ikeja Disco Token Vending 1.200%
  • MTN Bundle 1.600%
  • MTN Prepaid Recharge 1.600%

How to Fund Baxi pos Wallet

Baxi has added a new method to fund wallet, called the ”Ussd Wallet Funding” to their Baxi 2.0 app an alternative to the Wema Bank wallet, The new wallet is only meant to serve agents using the Baxi 2.0 app.

Steps on how to fund the Ussd wallet

  • Tap on your fund account icon
  • Select USSD wallet funding
  • Select the debiting account and amount from the drop-down
  • Dial the code generated and send money via the phone number registered with the bank
  • Input the transfer pin to complete the transaction

How to Become a Baxi Box Agent.

Baxi pos agent registration is quiet simple, Just download the “Baxi mobile” on Google Play Store or Apple Store on iOS and request for a mpos device, or better still you can contact them on their social media handle.

How to Become a Baxi Box Agent and Get the Pos

  • Open your Google Play store or Apple Store
  • Search For “Baxi Mobile”
  • Download and Install the app on your smartphone
  • Locate Baxi Mobile On your phone screen
  • Open and Register
  • Use this referral code 77036933
  • Upgrade to Baxi Flex or Pro with your BVN
  • Request For the Baxi Mpos or Click the Link Below to get one
How to order for baxi pos with Baxi mobile app

Baxi customer service

Baxi customer service operates 6 days a week from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to solve any issue faced by their agent. As an agent, you either contact them through calls, WhatsApp, or social media Handles.

Click to chat on WhatsApp for any additional information

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  • Pls where is your address I need to obtain the pos

    • The pos is unavailable only the mpos
      You can click on the chat button to get the full info

      • I want it

        • Mpos is unavailable only pos

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  • How do I get the pos from you people,cos am in delta state

    • Visit message mybaxi on facebook page

  • I have been trying to register on the mobile app…but it keeps failing. What do I do ?.

    • Try again

      • From bauchi
        How we can update our baxi to 2.0 version

        • If you are using the pos, go to app market on your machine and download the Baxi app 2.0 input your details and migrate to baxi 2.0

  • How do I collect the POS please

    • Location

  • People are not coming to my stand at all because the chargers is too much can u charge for 10 naira on 1000 and 53 niara on transfer is very cost

    • That is definitely not baxi
      Baxi charges 30 Naira for transfer
      0.55% flat for withdrawal

  • Is your POS available now?

    • Yes

  • The 0.55% flat rate kindly break down in Naira pls

    • Charges on 10k is 55naira

  • How would i get d baxi pos i am living at ilorin kwara state

    • Request for am agent number on their Twitter handle

    • Visit baxibox.com and chat them

  • Please who is in Kano, let’s do Baxi

    • Visit baxibox.com and chat them

    • Visit their Twitter handle and request for agent number

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  • Which desktop charger does Baxi POS battery uses because my charging point is bad. And where & how can I get the desktop charger if it is available.

    • You have to figure out the negative and the positive of the battery

  • Please, how many days would I get either the POS or mpos, if I start the process tomorrow?

    • Message on WhatsApp

  • I want to get baxi pos… how can I get it.. location?…. Am chatting from Ogun state

    • Message on WhatsApp

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  • Evening, is baxi POS or Mpos available now, I live in ikorodu Lagos State.
    How much is it please

    • Click on the chat button

  • Good morning am Mr. Nsikak by name from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, I have request for back pos and it’s getting to 1month now I don’t get the machine what could be the issue???

    • Out of stock

  • Please is your pos machine available in Uyo

    • click on the chat button

  • Please I don’t know what happened my money is been deducted.i don’t know the reason or is there any payment we have to pay dat I don’t know of.

  • I am at ibadan and I need POS how can I get it

  • I need pos at Ikere Ekiti

    • click on the chat button

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  • Please I need you to change my bank name because there is no means for me fund the wallet and am loosing customers


      – Click on *FUND ACCOUNT*

      – Click on *Bank Transfer*

      – Copy and use the 3rd *ROLEZ Microfinance Bank* account number for your wallet funding.

      The *ROLEZ* Account is your Personalized wallet funding account on Baxi 2.0

      *ROLEZ MFB* is faster and most reliable for Wallet Funding.

  • I need your pos machine and how much is it. And I need your location address at ikotun Lagos state

    • Click ok the chat button

  • Pls how do I get baxi pos at ojodu Berger lagos state. I need

    • Click on the chat

      • Please my pos android machine is not working. Anytime I’m trying to withdraw with atm. It keep saying REQUEST TAMPERED. please help me out what should I do.

        • Okay

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  • Is the android POS available now?

    • Yes

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  • In case someone does not want the calculator type, it is possible to get the android pos? Also, does the android print receipt for pre-paid meter without connecting to d printer?

    • Yes

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  • Hw can I get a pos am in Lagos here

    • Click on the chat button

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