• October 4, 2022

Why you should choose interserver as your preferred hosting provider in 2022

 Why you should choose interserver as your preferred hosting provider in 2022

Why you should choose Interserve as your preferred hosting provider in 2022

There are so many hosting and domain service providers here in Nigeria that also provide cms hosting such as WordPress and Joomla and the rest. But when it comes to some pricing, reliability, and customer service available when needed most of them don’t really perform well in that aspect and that is why the majority of website and blog owners make use of foreign hosting and domain provider.

This foreign service provider provides some essential services that are not fully functional via our local host provider. Such service includes the availability of support 24/7, pricing, and also a reseller. Although most of these foreign service provider doesn’t really come cheap too at the same time they provide top-notch service.

There are a lot of hosting services provided one can choose from but as for this article, I will be recommending Interserver. Yes, Interserve when it comes to price is not the cheapest but what makes them stand out is the price static, unlike others who give you cheap prices at the start and then increase the price 50/100% when you want to renew the service.
At Interserver you maintain the initial payment price you made when registering for hosting or domain. And the best part of it is that they all have similar features. This means you get to enjoy premium services

Another most important thing is the uptime of their server, customers enjoy 99.9% server uptime meaning the chance of your site going offline is 0.01% which also contributes to the SERP of the site.


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