Why you should buy a Google pixel 3a XL in 2022

Why you should buy a Google pixel 3a XL in 2022

Buying a pixel 3a XL in 2022 might sound weird as we all know it was released In 2019 but what you don’t know is that it still receives update when most of the mid-range smartphone Android phones produced in 2021 has stopped or never received any update. This is common among transitional phones like Tecno, Infinix, and the likes of them. Just recently the pixel 3a XL received the android 12 updates, which improved the performance of the 3year old flagship phone.

The added advantage is that it runs pure android os with no bloatware and it comes with 4GB of ram and 64GB of internal storage with a Snapdragon 670 processor

In terms of performance, the Google pixel 3a XL beat most of 2022 released mid-range phone hand down both in performance and camera results, though it doesn’t come with 3 camera but with is single 12mega pixel camera it still hot some great pictures with the Gcam

Not leaving gaming performance out, it does run most games smoothly but not in their highest settings. A game like call of duty, Pugb and the rest runs smoothly without any lag in their medium setting

Current price of the Google pixel 3a XL

The new pixel is of the shelf but you can still get the used one for 100k