• September 28, 2023

4 Type of Business you can start with 300k in Nigeria in 2023

 4 Type of Business you can start with 300k in Nigeria in 2023

most profitable business in nigeria with low capital

4 Type of Business you can start with 300k in Nigeria in 2023.

Are you looking for a business to invest in or start in 2023, Here are the top 4 businesses you can start in Nigeria with 300k capital with little or no previous experience. Below is the list of the type of business to start and how to start it.

Type of Business you can start with 300k in Nigeria.

Phone accessories business.

With 300k you can start a phone accessories business and also make good ROI from it. If you are in Lagos the best place to get these products is in Alaba international market, here they sell in whole sell. To start the business you need to have a physical shop that is located in a busy area. Main road preferably. you can either rent a shop or erect a container but with the 300k budget, getting a small container is the best option. After this has been done the next step is to get accessories at Alaba. it is always advisable to start with a product that moves faster such as (an iPhone accessories charger, USB cord and power bank)

Pet Drink Business.

Pet drinks are drinks in disposable plastic bottles, this is another very lucrative business with low risk. To start this type of business, you need to get a shop or get a space for a container, next is to find a depo near or look for people that sell at the whole price. after getting a shop, you should still have 200k left and if you already own a shop you can use the 300k to fill the shop to start the business.

Reselling of sachet water.

This is one business that only a few people know about, reselling sachet water is a very lucrative business especially when you have your targeted customers. To start this business you must first locate a pure or sachets water factory. This is where you buy the water from after they have done producing, you buy and pay in cash at a discount price. For example, a bag of water might be sold to you at 100 Naira, while you resell it at 150 and the retailer sells it at 200 to the final consumer it is also an added advantage if you have a car.

Pos and Recharge Card business.

With 300k you can comfortably start a pos business and recharge card business and also make a good profit. click here to read more about pos business

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