• August 8, 2022

The best sites to download the latest movies for free

Top 4 websites to download the latest movies for free

For movie lovers who needs sure plug on where to download latest blockbusters movies, here are the top 4 website where you can download latest movies and series.


Thenetnaija is one of the few site that comes to mind as a Nigerian when it comes to movie download most especially when it come to exclusive Netflix movies. There is hardly any new release that can’t be found on thenetnaija the best part of it is that they don’t upload cinema doubling.

How to download from Netnaija

Just like other site, you search for your desired movie and click on the download link. But make sure you close the pop up ads window when it open to enable you download your movie.

How to download movies on iPhone from Netnaija.

Downloading movies from Netnaija on iPhone can be a little bit tricky. But this is how to do it. Once you have gotten the movie you which to download on-site, click on the download button and copy the URL on the download page.

Once you have copied the URL open your telegram app and search for URL UPLOADER, past the link there and send. The file should start uploading. After the upload is completed click on the file to start downloading.


As the name implies O2TVSERIES is one the best when it comes downloading TV series movies, they don’t upload movies, they only upload series and hardly will there be any TV series that can be found on the site.

How to download on O2tvseries

Just like other site, you can use your chrome browser to idm to download your series and for iPhone users, you can use the method provided above to sideload the series on your phone.

Fztvseries and Fzmovies

Fz runs both series and movie download websites just that the ads on fz can be really annoying. Apart from the ads fz is another great site to down your movies from.

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