• December 5, 2023

Top 5 POS Machines to Start business with in Nigeria

 Top 5 POS Machines to Start business with in  Nigeria

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Top 5 Pos Machine to Use for Pos business in Nigeria

The list of pos machines is endlessly coupled with the fact that new ones are emerging almost every day. But how efficient their service is one thing that should be asked before getting any of these pos terminals. The aim of this article is to list the best pos in the market. In order to know which to pick when starting a pos business. Note that all the listed machines are instant settlements.

List of Top 5 Pos Terminals in Nigeria

Baxi Box: Baxi pos is one of the best pos machines that is the most suitable for new agents that just want to start or venture into the business. Service-wise, they are okay and very easy to operate even a non-techy or an illiterate can operate their pos terminal. Note they don’t have a monthly target.

When it comes to their charges, they charge 0.55% from 1-20000 and 100 naira from 20001-100000 naira and 30naira for cash deposits. They also give commission for bill payments and cable subscriptions. Baxi price 15k

Opay pos: Opay has been able to build a name for themselves, there is no place you would go to that you won’t see an Opay agent, Opay is also very reliable and their charges very attractive as they charge 0.5% from 1-19999 and 100 Naira flat from 20k and above with monthly target of 1.6million naira.

Paycentre: Paycentre just entered the mobile banking industry not too long. But they have been able to prove themselves in handling transactions smoothly. But do have network downtime once in a while. Paycentre like Opay is also one of the cheapest charges which they just reduce. Hoping that they would be able to hold it down for long before they revert to their old charges. They also don’t have weekly and monthly targets.

Moniepoint: This is one of the best in the industry with a very reliable network. It is mostly used by existing agents, the reason being that it is a target-based pos machine, with a daily target of 20k daily. Failure to meet it will result in retrieval of the pos machine. They also don’t charge much.0.5% for 1-19,999 and 100 Naira flat from 20k and above.

Kudi: They have improved in their service over a couple of months compared to when they just joined the mobile banking industry. Kudi is also another pos machine that can be recommended to new agents. When it comes to their charges, it is not that high as they charge 25naira from 100-4500 Naira and 0.6 from 4,501- 25000 and 150 Naira flat from 25001-500000.

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