• September 28, 2023

How to start Keke Napep business in Nigeria with no capital

 How to start Keke Napep business in Nigeria with no capital

How to start Keke Napep business in Nigeria with no capital.

Keke business is another lucrative business in Nigeria and is not meant for people who are lazy. To start a keke napep business in Nigeria you must have at least 1 million if you want to opt for a new one which is always the best choice or 300k -500k for a used one depending on how the engine and the body is. But the main focus of this post is how to start a Keke business with no capital.

How to get keke on hire purchase.

Before you can get a napep on hire purchase you have to link up with a reliable rider who has been in the business for a long so you won’t get ripped off or meet someone who wants to give it out to be getting returns. With these two options, you don’t need to spend any money but will have to provide the following requirement.

How does Hire purchase work in Keke business?

The owner or the outlet that is ready to give the napep out on hire purchase will add some interest on the tide which will be paid in instalments by the rider within the period of 12 months and if the driver fails to meet up with the payment, they will retrieve the napep from him and give it to another person.

How lucrative is Keke napep’s Business?

The Napep business is one of the most lucrative transport businesses as a ride can make up to 10k on a daily basis if you are the owner of the rider and 3-4k if the napepe is gotten via hire purchase after removing the money that needs to be remitted

Requirements needed to get keke napep on hire purchase

  • 2 Gurantoors
  • Identity Card
  • Home address
  • Passport
  • Riders card

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