Samsung S21 price in Nigeria, Reviews, and update.

Samsung S21 price in Nigeria, Reviews, and update.

The Samsung S21 is one of Samsung Galaxy flagship devices that was released in the year 2021 with two different chipset variants which are the Snapdragon 888 majorly for the USA and China while the Exynos 2100 chip for the international market. Both chip performances are great but the Snapdragon is better.

The Samsung S21 price goes for 484k in the Nigerian market which is $1166 in USD. The device can be gotten from any online store like jumia, Konga, and most especially slotng.

Samsung S21 Gaming performance Review

The Samsung Galaxy S21 as has been mentioned above is packed with one of the best chipsets in the Market making it a high-end device, which simply means that it runs all games smoothly in their best setting. The S21 5g can play any emulated games including PS2 emulated on Aether Sx2 which was tested with God in full settings while running at 60fps. Also, it also runs Google stadia gaming smoothly on the mobile network without glitches or latency.

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