• September 28, 2023

Recommended pos machine for new pos agent 2023 review

 Recommended pos machine for new pos agent 2023 review

Recommended pos machine for new pos agent 2023 review.

Most new agents are always finding it difficult to choose a pos machine that is suitable for them especially when it comes to charges and network. All the information needed will be provided in this article.

There are three important factors to consider when choosing a pos machine, which are network, charges, and customer service. While the network is the most important of them all.

Agents that are not target concerned can go for Moniepoint pos machine, it has an excellent network including the Lowest charges plus their customer service are always ready to attend to their agents. The targets has being reduced to 30k daily excluding Sundays. They charge 0.5% at 100 cap and 20naira for transfer. Note you don’t get a commission for any bill payment you earn when you charge your customers.

Second, on the list is Opay pos, opay is one of the most used pos when it comes to the agency banking business, their charges is similar to that of Moniepoint and also a target-based pos which is 50k daily. They also have great customer support but the pos is quite expensive to that Moniepoint, especially their android pos.

And last on the list is Baxi box. Baxi is known for its unbeatable commission when it comes to bill payment and is also in partnership with Multichoice company for subscriptions for Gotv and DStv. So for every payment, you get your percentage plus the one you charge your customers. Their network is also okay. You can get Baxi for 15k as there is an ongoing promo.

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