• November 28, 2022

Opay Mpos and Traditional Pos Price and Differences Review

 Opay Mpos and Traditional  Pos Price and Differences Review

Opay Mpos and Opay Traditional pos.

Due to popular demand for the Opay pos, Opay has decided to reintroduce the Opay analog version of their pos and also introduce a new one which is the mini pos. The two versions of their point of sale service terminal (pos) are designed to meet the needs of their customers/agents and both are also pocket-friendly when it comes to the price compared to the android version which is popularly used by their agents.

How do the Opay Mini pos works

The Opay mini pos is a portable pos machine that needs to be paired with an Android device before it can be used for its purposes. It is meant for pos agents who don’t have money to buy the full android own or agents who want to use it as a backup.

The Mini Opay pos can only perform one function, which is to withdraw cash. All other functions like fund transfer, payment of utility bills, and other services will be performed on the Opay agent app.

Limitations of the Opay mini pos

  • Need to be paired with an Android phone
  • Doesn’t have an inbuilt printer
  • Uses phone internet connection
  • All other Transactions are performed on the mobile device

The Opay mini pos is sold for 8k and can be requested through the Opay business app.

Traditional Opay pos review

The Opay analog pos is a lite version of their android pos terminal with a more simple UI. It has similar functions to the android version. The Opay traditional pos also comes with an inbuilt printer. It can send, withdraw and pay bills without pairing it with an Android phone. Unlike the Mini Opay pos that rely on android for other functions.

How to get the Opay analog pos

The Opay traditional pos can be requested from their in-app Opay business app by downloading it from your app store. Register and upgrade to the merchant, after which you request your desired pos terminal.

How long does it take to get opay pos

Once your aggregator has completed the input of your Opay KYC and it has been approved, getting the opay pos should take less than 1-4 working days for the collection of the pos

How much does opay pos charge per transaction

Opay charges as low as 0.5% for 1-19,999 and 100naira flat from 20k upward with an additional commission if you are on an Opay top user they can charge as low as 84 Naira for 20k upward

How to get Opay pos machine in 2022

An agent can get the opay app by applying for the pos on the Opay business app which can be downloaded from the app store and upgrading to merchant user or connecting with an opay aggregator which is faster and can take 1-4 working days to get the pos.

What are the requirements for Opay pos

  • Updated bank account statement
  • Bvn
  • Nin
  • Guarantor
  • Kiosk
  • Utility bill