• September 28, 2023

Nirsal mfb loan application portal and interest rate

 Nirsal mfb loan application portal and interest rate

Nirsal mfb loan application portal and interest rate.

Nirsal is a microfinance bank not just a microfinance bank but a national one, owned by Bankers Committee, NIRSAL and NIPOST. Nmfb is aimed at providing low-interest loans to small-scale businesses up to 3 million Naira. Their operation is licensed by CBN. They are also an intervention bank that provides quick loans for a business that is at the blink of collapsing, as they have direct contact with the CBN to get fund at a low rate and give it to qualified businesses.

List of Nirsal non-interest loans.

  • TCF non-interest household
  • TCF non-interest SME
  • AGSMEIS non-interest

TCF non-interest household

Non-Interest Targeted Credit Facility (Household) is a non-interest loan to a household given to qualified candidates to build a new business or expand the existing one. the maximum loan you can get is 500k with a 9% per annum margin rate while the repayment plan is spread across 36 months. The purpose of the loan is to procure raw materials and equipment needed for your business. Failure to pay up the loan within the period given will lead to a deduction of money from your account.

TCF non-interest SME.

Non-Interest Targeted Credit Facility (SME) The maximum loan you can get is 750k. Higher than the household non-interest TCF loan but with the same interest rate duration of repayment which is 36 months. The loan will also be used to get raw materials and equipment needed from NMFB.

AGSMEIS non-interest.

AGSMEIS non-interest is currently not available the moment.

Another Nirsal mfb loan is the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund which is currently closed now and also the AGSMEIS loan which is set to promote Agri-Business and also business with an interest rate which is currently five per cent (5%) per annum.

How to nirsal non-interest loan

Click on either the TCF non-interest household or TCF non-interest SME which is currently on at the moment start the form as a new user by starting with BVN or continue as an existing user.

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