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How to get Moniepoint pos ( Charges and commission)

 How to get Moniepoint pos ( Charges and commission)

How to get Moniepoint pos ( Charges and commission)

Moniepoint POS is one of the most reliable POS to use to receive card payments, perform card transfers, and also to make fund transfers with low charges as low as 0.5% and 100 naira Cap for 20k and above. Moniepoint pos are also designed to meet merchant and Moniepoint agent needs for all their monetary transaction. and the best part is that you can open a business account with them with ease.

As a Moniepoint agent with a good transaction record, you can access the Moniepoint loan to boost the business and this can be done by contacting your Moniepoint aggregator

How much is Moniepoint daily target

The current daily target for Moniepoint pos is 20k daily Sundays excluded and this is only for withdrawal transactions. Failure to meet that target will cause restrictions for the agent.

How to apply for Moniepoint pos

To register as a Moniepoint agent, all that is required of you is to get in touch with a verified aggregator in your state. You can get connected to them by chatting with their customer service on Twitter.

How to update Moniepoint pos

Follow the steps below to update your app version on your terminal,

  1. Go to the home screen of the terminal
  2. Click on the “AppMarket” app
  3. Select Moniepoint POS
  4. Click on “Update”
  5. After downloading,
  6. Click confirm to install the update.

Price of Moniepoint Pos

Moniepoint doesn’t sell pos. They only lease it to agents who can meet the daily target of 20k and it is given to agents at an affordable of 23,000 Naira.T This includes a debit card and insurance

Moniepoint pos charges for withdrawal

. Moniepoint charge 0.5% for 1-19,999 and 100 Naira flat for 20k and above for withdrawal, while 100 Naira flat for all deposit and 20 Naira for Card Transfer

How to Cash out your cashback with atm Moniepoint portal

To cash out your cashback from your Moniepoint account which can only be done on the Moniepoint dashboard, you need to use the atm Moniepoint dashboard and click on cashback.

Disadvantage of Moniepoint

Moniepoint POS gives a daily Target of 25k, So before you think about collecting their POS machine, make sure you read the terms and conditions. if you fail to meet their daily target, the POS machine will be retrieved.

Moniepoint agents don’t get commissions for bill payments like payment of utility bills, cable subscriptions, or airtime recharge. you only make a profit when you charge the customer.

Transactions done on the Moniepoint agent app via your smartphone, cannot be printed on the terminal.

Moniepoint USSD code

With Moniepoint *5573# Ussd code, you can make any transaction without having an internet connection.

Features of Moniepoint POS

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Fund Transfer
  • Instant Settlement
  • Payment of Utility Bills
  • Funding betting account

How to Unblock Moniepoint log in

Kindly log on to atm.moniepoint.com
Go to your agent’s profile
Under Reset Authorization PIN, input your Moniepoint online password
Input your desired pin for the POS
Confirm the new pin
OTP will be sent to your registered phone
Restart the terminal

Moniepoint login portal for your dashboard. http://atm.moniepoint.com

Click here to get Moniepoint for 23000

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  • Do you pay to get a moni point pos.

    • yes

  • Please I need Moni point terminal. my email address: [email protected]
    08034032505. My Location is: Ijesh, Surulere, Lagos

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  • Does their target vary from one agent to another or it’s 150k generally..

    • Yea it varies

  • I’m in Iwo, osun state. I need pos terminal what I can do.

    • Message them on Twitter for the to allocate you an aggregator in that area

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  • How do i calculate the moniepiont target daily, is it only the withdrawal that will be 150kdaily or both withdrawal and deposit sum together to get 150k.

    • Only withdrawal

      • About the target is weekends(Saturdays and Sundays) included

        • Sunday excluded

          • I need an andriod POS terminal of 25k seriously in need of it if possible tomorrow
            Location: Minna Niger State.

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