How to apply for Itex pos machine. 2022 update

how to request fo itex pos

How to apply for Itex pos machine. 2022 update

Are you planning to open a pos business, or you need a customized pos specially configured and design to suit your need or you need a pos that can handle any bill payment. then you don’t need to look further Itex pos is what you need.

Itex pos is the father of most fintech pos meaning they power most new start-up pos services so be sure to get the best of service from them, not only that it is tested and trusted with alot of positive feedback from it users. Their pos is packed with so many features which are yet unavailable on other pos machines and their transaction success rate is very high.

Features of Itex Pos Machine

Bill Payment: Itex pos machine can handle any bill payment including Lagos state tax payment when you talk of utility bills, their pos is the best for recharging electricity prepaid meters especially and it is the only one that can recharge prepaid meter smart card. it also comes with an attractive commission.

Customized pos: if you need a personal pos for your organization, school, or shopping mall or you need a pos terminal for your shopping mall or store Itex can also provide that service and also develop software for your factorty purchase pos.

How Reliable is Itex Network?

For a pos that provide service for other pos machines. You shouldn’t expect anything less from them, their service can be rate 90% very reliable, although they also suffer service downtime like other pos, but they are always quick to provide a quick solution when they are experiencing any downtime.

How to Apply For Itex Pos Machine

  • Download the agent documents from itex site
  • Fill the agent form
  • Make payment to Itex pos account or visit their head office
  • Download their Android agent application Payvice and create a wallet id.
  • Once your KYC document is verified, you will get the pos.

Itex pos Charges

How much is Itex Pos Machine

Their pos is quiet expensive but the good side of it is that they don,t give their agent target. The price range is from 65k to 70k .


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