Is Piggyvest an investment app 2022 Review

is piggyvest an investment platform

Is Piggyvest an investment app 2022 Review

Piggyvest, as we all know, has replaced the traditional means of saving money and has won the heart of so many young and old Nigeria Heart with more than a million downloads on Google play store alone and over 400k downloads on iOS devices. Piggyvest has really evolved.

Most people have now adopted it as a new means of saving money majorly because of the added advantage and the security it comes with and you also get to enjoy the daily interest of up to 10% per annum.

Is piggyvest an investment platform?

It all depends on the angle at which we all see it, but from a personal perspective, I would say that Piggyvest is not really an investment platform where you get a high ROI of investment but a platform where you can grow your money for future investment. Saving your money with Piggyvest will save you from banks’ excessive charges and their ridiculous interest rate with banks you get 1-3% per annum while Piggyvest offers you 10-15% annum.

So in a case where you are planning to start up a business, you can use the platform to save up. To avoid unnecessary spending and debt from the bank. There are other apps that are good for investing especially in US stock.

How secure is piggyvest saving platform

PiggyVest uses the highest levels of Internet Security. To ensure that your information is completely protected from fraud, we use 256 bits SSL security encryption. Additionally, our payment processors are PCI-DSS compliant ensuring the security of your data. All cards and bank data are encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
Default two-factor authentication (2FA) on all PiggyVest accounts, to securely protect you from unauthorized access and impersonation.