• August 8, 2022

How to start a pig farming Business in Nigeria (2022)

 How to start a pig farming Business in Nigeria (2022)

How to start a pig farming business in Nigeria. (2022)

The pig farming business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria with few people tapping into it cause of the risk and stress involved, plus it is capital intensive. Not to talk about some particular people who don’t see it as edible meat.

Before going into piggery, you must have thought it through and also seek guidance from people who are already into the business to know if it is what you can do.

Things needed to start a pig farming business in Nigeria

Before venturing into the piggery business, there are so important factors that list be considered which will be listed and explained below.

  • Farmland
  • Water
  • Capital
  • Feed and pig
  • Partner
  • Capital

Land where to start the pig farm, is one of the most important factors that need to be considered and it is never advisable to use a rented land. You never can tell when the owner will need the land. So to start you either buy land in a rural area or rent a pen on an already established pig farm. Renting a pen is always cheaper and advisable for beginners who don’t have land, so renting a pen would reduce so many expenses. But if you have land already, you can just erect your own pen

Water: you can run a pig farm without having a steady supply of water to keep the place clean and running. Without water, you can run a pig farm. So if you are using a rented pen, it is likely that they have a constant water supply and if you have land, you must have a borehole or well.

Partner: you can’t run a pig farm alone as a beginner. You must have an experienced pig farmer by your side who has experience in pig farming.

Feed and pig: you can’t start a pig farming business without sourcing for a reliable pig farmer/ market place where they sell good and fertile pigs. This is the more reason why you need to be an experienced person by your side who can help sort for good pigs to start with not leaving out the feed.

Capital: this is the most important of them all, pig farming been a capital intence business, which means that you need to have enough capital on ground to support the business through the first and second phase.

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