• August 8, 2022

How to Start a Recharge Card Business with less Capital

 How to Start a Recharge Card Business with less Capital

recharge card printing

How to start a Recharge Card Vending Business and Selling of SME Data.

You can start printing recharge card pin from the comfort of your home and start distributing it to potential buyers at a reasonable price and still make your profit.

Unlike before when you have to go and pay a huge amount of money before you can a Recharge Card business and also pay a graphic designer who will help you customize the logo of the card, now the whole process is a different ball game all you need is your smartphone, internet and a mobile Bluetooth printer that can be gotten from jumia.

Steps on how to print Recharge card from your Smartphones

  • Sign up on simpledata.com
  • Upgrade your account to an affiliated user
  • Fund your wallet with any of their payment gateways
  • Click on Recharge Card Printing
  • Select the type of card you want to print

After you have followed these processes, you need to connect your mobile Bluetooth printer to your smartphone via Bluetooth and load it with pos paper roll that can get at a cheaper price. With this, you can print out the card and start selling or distribute it to people who want to buy it.

How does a Mobile Bluetooth printer Works

Mobile Bluetooth printers are portable printers. It is specially designed for mobile phone printing especially for those who are into pos Business using the Mpos devices. With this printer, you can print a receipt for your customers and you don’t need to worry about refilling it and the battery can also last you for a whole day

Features of simpledata website

Airtime to cash: You can also convert your airtime to cash in no time if you mistakenly recharge from your bank account or you were sent huge airtime, you can easily sell it and get your cash instantly into your bank account.

Buying SME data at a cheaper price: Once you have upgraded your account. You can start buying SME data from them, and also using the platform to sell data to customers.


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