How to pay for international transactions without dollar limit


How to pay for international transactions without a dollar limit

Now that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has put a spending limit on all naira master cards used for international transactions means you can use your card for payments above $20 only if you have a dollar debits or virtual card

Those who have access to the dollar debit card don’t have a problem but does who don’t have access to the dollar card have to find another means which is creating a dollar virtual card

How to create a working USD virtual debit card

There are many dollar virtual card apps online which can be downloaded on either android or iOS, but the most preferred one is still barter by flutterwave. With their virtual debit card, there are no limitations, you can pay for any of your goods and services online without worry just that their USD rate is a bit high.

Steps to create a barter USD virtual card

  • Download the app or visit the site
  • Register don’t forget to put the correct bvn
  • Pay $2 for the creation of a USD card
  • Fund the barter wallet with either card or bank transfer
  • Click on the card created
  • Fund it with the desired amount

The barter card can be linked with your PayPal account for easy online transaction so you don’t have to use the card detail all thee time. All you need to use is PayPal email if the websites support PayPal.