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How to monitor your pos business Transaction

 How to monitor your pos business Transaction

Learn how to monitor and track your daily pos transaction

One of the most difficult things and also the easiest thing to do is the monitoring of your daily pos transaction especially when you employ an attendant. What most people don’t know is that most of this pos Terminal comes with a backend office where you can check how many transactions have been done.

Not only that some pos terminals also have what we call “EOD” , with EOD you can print out all the transactions done for that particular day when you are closing your account

How to monitor your pos transaction on some pos terminals.

Baxibox: Baxibox is in two-part, we have Version 1.0 and 2.0. These two versions have different modes of operation and also charge differently, also the backend of the 2.0 is different from the backend of the 1.0.

To monitor all the successful and pending transactions on the Baxibox 1.0, all you need to do is visit Backend Office to check all your successful and pending transactions and also to confirm your card transactions both failed, pending, and approved but no credited to your wallet you can use the Baxi Card Support portal

To print the All the successful transaction for the day. Log in to your Baxi account on your pos device, click on the icon, and select print log. All the transactions for the day will be printed out.

Baxi 2.0 which is the upgraded version of 1.0, only makes use of one portal for everything. To check all the transactions for the day just visits the 2.0 Backend Portal. With this you can see both successful, pending, and failed transactions.

For Kudi POS

To print the EOD on your Kudi POS follow these steps.

  • Click enter button for the homepage
  • Click on 2
  • Input the 6 digit PIN which is 000000
  • Click on print EOD and you can also print the summary of all transactions for the day

The summary shows you the number of successful transaction and also decline transaction.

Using the Posa Pos App.

The Posa app is specially designed for pos users. The main function of the posa software to register all the daily pos transactions both withdrawal and deposit.

This is designed in such a way that it helps to calculate the daily profit, and also monitors both Cash at hand, cash is given out, and also cash sent.

It allows multiple users, which means you can control all your store within the app

How to get Posa Pos app.

It is available on Google play store and also comes with 14 days free trial after which you will need to subscribe for any package of your choice .

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