• May 30, 2023

How to create a Dollar virtual card for online payment 2022 Review

 How to create a Dollar virtual card for online payment 2022 Review

 How to Create an Online Virtual Dollar Master and Visa Card.

Virtual cards are online debit cards/credit, that can be used to purchase goods and also to pay for other online services when the local debit card is not acceptable. Virtual cards come in dollar denominations and the reason why people create a virtual card is that their physical debit card is restricted or they don’t want to be tracked. 

Platforms that can be used to Create a Virtual Master/Visa Card 


Barter by Flutterwave

The barter app can be downloaded on the google play store on an android device, the primary purpose of this platform is to help people create a virtual visa debit card to pay for online items and other online services. and their card is accepted on many sites including PayPal and web hosting sites like Namecheap and the rest.

Features of Barter

  • Send Money Instantly Across Africa 
  • Request for Money 
  • Pay Bills 
  • Create Gift Cards
  • Create a Virtual Visa Debit Card

Alat by Wema Bank

Alat is a digital bank created by Wema bank to serve it, customers, across Africa. It can also be used to create a virtual Master card and at the same time serves as your digital bank for receiving and sending money. all you need to do is to download, install and register

Features of Alat

  • Virtual Dollar Card for online payments.
  • Receive money 
  • send money 
  • to collect loan

Carbon Loan app (Paylater)

Carbon formally known as PayLater is an online loan platform but has now included other services which makes it cooler with the carbon loan app, you can now create a virtual debit card wallet to pay for online services. All you need to do is to download it online available on both ios and android store.

Features of Carbon 

  • Free Cash Transfer to any bank¬†
  • Receive Cash
  • Get Instant Loan
  • Create a Virtual Master Card

Most of the virtual card mentioned above are currently not working due to some upgrades the only one currently working is Tribapay which just launched of recent. Download Tribapay on playstore create one and it works with most international site including PayPal for payment

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