• May 30, 2023

How to Choose a Good POS Machine in 2023

 How to Choose a Good POS Machine in 2023

4 factors to be considered before choosing a pos machine.

Network: This is one of the most important factors to be considered when getting a pos machine/terminal. Having a good network will really contribute to the success of the business. Customers hate it when they want to withdraw and they hear no network or being debited for a failed transaction. This can make you lose customers to your competitors.

Charges: The charges of your pos will determine how you will charge your own customer, so if the charges are on the high side from the source, it means that your charges too will be high in other to make a reasonable profit. so it mean that you must go for a pos with low charges, most especially in a competitive environment.

Social Media Handle: Always check their social media handle if it is active, and also check if there are plenty of complaints there regarding their network and how they also respond to their agent, and also how to rectify any issue that they are having. any pos company without active social media is a no-no for me.

How fast they Resolve Disputes: Being able to resolve an agent’s complaint quickly helps the business a lot and also helps the agent portray a good image to his/her customers. failure to resolve any issue in a short period of time can make an agent lose his/her customers. so this also cannot be overlooked.

list of most Commonly Used POS terminal in Nigeria.

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