• October 4, 2022

How to become a bolt driver in Nigeria 2022

 How to become a  bolt driver in Nigeria 2022

How to become a bolt driver in Nigeria 2022

Signing up on the bolt ride-sharing app platform is very easy and also a legit and easy way to make cool cash if you have a car or planning on collecting one on-hire purchase. Bolt formally known as Taxify is the second most used car ride-sharing platform in Nigeria most especially in Lagos after Uber.

The registration process for bolt drivers in Nigeria

  • Car Inspection: After visiting any of the bolt offices in your locality, you will be required to take your car for vehicle inspection to know if you can be onboarded on their platform. These are the thing they are going to look out for before your car can pass the verification process. Break, Break light, Indicator, Air-condition, Mileage, Year of the car, Spare tire, Triangle, Jack, picture of both the interior and the exterior of the car, seat.
  • Step two After you have completed the vehicle inspector check, you will be required to watch a video in which a quiz will be set upon. In other words, you need to pay attention in other to pass the quiz.
  • Writing of mini examination: all new riders are to write a mini examination which is like the last step before you get onboarded to the platform.

After all, has been done and you have passed all the verification processes. You will have to visit their office in your locality to get activated. After all, this is done, you are a certified Bolt / Taxify rider.

Vehicle requirements for bolt in Nigeria.

  • Vehicle model from 2002 upward
  • It must have a four-door
  • Perfect working condition
  • Can accommodate four people

How much does a bolt driver make a day

Bolt drivers can make as much as 100k weekly and this is not when they have removed all expenses so in a week their profit could still amount to 50-70k depending on how the market is.

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