• December 5, 2023

How to Apply for a Free Pos Machine In Nigeria

 How to Apply for a Free Pos Machine In Nigeria

How To Get Free POS Machine Without Paying

Yes, you can get a fee pos machine without paying any money to anybody. The only thing is just that it might take some time to process. Ranging from 1-3 months depending on the financial institution.


  • Visit any bank of your choice
  • Request for their agency banking form
  • Fill the form and then submit
  • After you have done this, you would be required to download their agency banking app before you can collect the pos device
  • The agency app is what they would use to assess you and also determine how fast you will get the pos machine.


Cashless withdrawal: With this app, you can perform a cardless withdrawal, depending on the agency banking app that you are using cause their user interface is quite different from one another, some request for the ATM numbers which will enable them to generate tokens while some makes use of ussd code. With this, customers can withdraw money from their account without using a pos device, pending the time one will be assigned to you.  

Bill Payment: The agency banking app can also pay all sort of bill ranging from utility bills, cable subscription bill, buying of date and also booking of ticket. It all depends on the financial institution.

How long Does It Take to Get Bank Pos?

It all depends on the availability of the device because there is a high demand for it, so getting it might be a little bit difficult mist especially if you are planning on using a bank that you are not banking with, you would have to pass through some series of steps before you are finally being attended to. But if it a financial institution that just wants to start agency banking you might get in in less than a month, because they will be the one that will come to your outlet to advertise it to you, that is if you are an existing agent with other banks or fintech.  But the reversal is always for new agents that just want to start the business.

How Reliable Is Bank Pos Network?

Well network wise it varies, some banks pos are nothing to write home about while some are very good in terms of network and also customer service. Here are the lists of bank pos machines that are reliable and also have a good network.

  • Firstmonie
  • Access closa
  • Wema agency banking
  • Polaris Agency Banking
  • Eco Bank Agency Banking

Disadvantage of Bank Pos Machine

Unlike fintech pos terminals where you get instant settlement of cash, it is a different case for bank pos devices. Meaning that any transaction process on a bank terminal it is settled one day after the transaction occurred. Also known as T+1 where T is the date of the transaction and 1 refers to the next working day.

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