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Frequent questions asked before getting pos terminal

 Frequent questions asked before getting pos terminal

How to solve any pos transaction problem as an agent

For new agents and also for those who just want to join the business this article will focus on the most asked questions and also provide the answer questions based on Google search query data complied together on pos business

Which pos machine give commission on Bill payment

As we know that we have a lot of pos machines in circulation but for the purpose of this article I will focus on the common one which will be in tabular form.

MoniepointNo Commission
Opay 1-2%
Baxi Box1-2%

Resolution of dispute both failed withdrawal and uncredited deposit

For uncredited deposits this is applicable to all pos machines, agent are to wait for 24hrs before anything can be done on such transactions if the payment is successful From their end, and after 24hrs, the agent will have to give the customer what we call session id to the customer which is 30 Digit in number. This number will be sent to the customer’s bank which will enable them manually credit the affected account

For pending deposit transfer
Also applicable to all pos machines. If after 24hrs the pending hasn’t been resolved the agent will have to message the support team providing them the transaction Id for the transaction

Failed withdrawal transaction

When such happens on Moniepoint the agent will need to ask for a refund on behalf of the customer and if after 24-48hr the money hasn’t been refunded, the customer will have to fill dispense error form from the affected bank.

For other pos which includes opay, Baxi, Kudi, kashzoo, Dotpay and the rest. The customer will have to wait for 24hrs and if the money still isn’t reversed, then the customer should go and fill error dispense form.

If the bank claim that the transaction was successful, the customer should ask for the arbiter code for the said transaction which will be given to the pos agent for fast resolution.

Approve withdrawal transaction not adding up

There are cases where an agent will carry out the transaction and it won’t add up to the wallet balance. In this case, the agent should just sync their terminal this is applicable to Moniepoint and opay. Other pos should contact support.

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