• September 28, 2023

Best pos machine for Traders and Merchants.

 Best pos machine for Traders and Merchants.

Best pos machine for Traders and Merchants in Nigeria.

As we have entered the cashless policy phase in Nigeria every trader is expected to have a pos machine since there is scarcity of cash and most ATm machines have been programmed to only dispense 20,000 per day for each debit card, which means that debit cards will be used in buying items higher than 20k.

So the best pos go for now is an android pos machine that also synchronises transactions instantly and also that shows available balance before performing any transaction.

Best pos machine to use as a trader in Nigeria

Baxi pos machine: Baxi pos is very good and reliable for merchants and traders, as a trader who owns a store you can opt for their merchant package which is the best option for people to arrange their product. all the products can be entered into the machine which will make it easier for the merchant to know how many are sold and how many are left for restocking purposes for normal market people you can go for the regular Baxi. Both have the same charges and commission.

Opay Android pos: Opay is another pos to use to accept payment from customers. once the transaction is successful, the money will be added to the wallet and if not successful it won’t be added to the wallet.

Moniepoint: moniepoint also uses a user-friendly interface, which means anyone can just operate it. it is portable and fast for carrying out card transactions.

Note that you should always add charges to the money when carryout the card transaction for the goods bought for 0-10,000 50 Naira should be added while from 11k upward 100-150 should be added, if not it is the merchant that would pay for the charges

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