• September 28, 2023

4 Benefits of Using a palmpay Account

 4 Benefits of Using a palmpay Account

4 Benefits of Using a palmpay Account

Palmpay is a registered digital bank licensed by the CBN and also insured just like other commercial banks but only has one physical branch. Unlike a commercial bank that has branches almost everywhere. As a palmpay user, you can only communicate to support through the mobile app or go to the main office. Palmpay, on the other hand, has many benefits, especially for busniess people that receive a lot of transfers from different people. Here is the Benefit of using the palmpay app and pos

5 benefits of Using palmpay Account

Fast and Cheap transfer: When it comes to fast cash transfer to other commercial and non-commercial, palmpay is very good coupled with the fact that they charge 10 Naira for any amount you wish to transfer. You can also check the receiving bank network before making the transfer. Not only that you get 3 free daily transfers to any bank.

Flex loan: The flex loan is one of their best product and this is available for every palmpay customer. Flex loan is a 16 days non-interest loan that can be used to pay for any bill ( utility bill, cable tv subscription, Airtime and also to fund a betting account. As a regular user, you can get up to 20k no-interest flex loan

Excellent Customer service: As a long palmpay user, their customer service is very okay as they tend to attend to your complaints within the short time

Fast in receiving Transefer. When it comes to receiving cash transfers. It is always instant, unlike other banks that take min or hrs before you get the value. Once the transfer is initiated from the sender’s bank, it will reflect in the palmpay account within 2 sec. That is why it is the best option for business people to curb fake credit alerts.

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