5 Reasons why you Should go for Baxi pos (2022)

Baxi pos

5 Reasons why you Should go for Baxi pos

Have written series of articles about the type of pos terminals and their charges, so I decided to give an insight into why a new agent should go for Baxi pos instead. I will be listing the top 4 reasons why Baxi pos is more preferable.

Reasons why you Should go for Baxi pos

Instant Commission: As a Baxi agent you get an instant commission when you pay for any bill, such as Cable tv subscription, Prepaid/ postpaid electricity bill, Recharge card, insurance, and lots more. the commission is paid directly to your wallet.

No Target: The last thing a new agent need is to be thinking about is how to meet up with the target. In such cases, you have nothing to worry about as a Baxi agent. Even if you don’t make use of your terminal for a whole day nothing will happen to your account. But that doesn’t mean you should abandon the terminal. Failure to use the terminal for a long period of time will lead to the deactivation of the account.

Perfect network for bill payment. Both existing pos agents of Baxi and non-Baxi users can testify to the fact that when it comes to bill payment Baxi is the best as it doesn’t give any issue

Reliable Network. When it comes to both withdrawal and deposit transactions. Baxi pos is very reliable, as it doesn’t debit customers anyhow far a failed transaction when there is network downtime. If by any chance the customer is debited, it will be reversed within 24hrs to the customer’s account

Instant wallet Credit. Once the agent initiates a withdrawal transaction and it writes successfully, the money will be credited to the agent’s wallet instantly. no need for any terminal synchronization unlike other terminals