• August 8, 2022

3 ways to Resolve Zenith Bank Dispense Error

 3 ways to Resolve Zenith Bank Dispense Error

Zenith Bank mobile app set up

How to Resolve Zenith Bank Dispense Error Without going to the Bank.

Resolving ATM POS Dispenser error or web Payment error can now be done with ease as long as you have your internet connection.

You can now resolve zenith bank ATM/POS/WEB error when your transaction failed and you are being debited with ease. Here are the 3 easy ways you resolve such errors without visiting the Bank.

How to resolve Banks Dispense Error

Zenith Banking App: with the newly improved zenith bank app, you can now resolve any atm errors when you are being debited for a failed transaction.

Steps in using zenith app solve dispense error

  • Logging in to your zenith banking app
  • Click on cards
  • Select Card Dispense Error Manager
  • Input all the necessary detail, including the amount debited
  • Click o the next button and select the value debited.
  • And lastly, input “transaction failed” in the comments section, and the number of times it failed.

Online portal option: If you don’t have the app, you can as well use their online portal Please visit


Call center : And lastly if you don’t have an internet enabled phone you can call their call center

Note, Don’t disclose your otp/atm pin/card number


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