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Warning lights and what they all mean. Okay, so did you know dashboard warning lights are colour coded. So a green light will indicate you’ve got a system on such as your cruise control.

That amber warning light means you’ve got a problem that should address but you don’t have to do it immediately although you should do it soon to avoid further damage. Red warning lights mean you’ve gotta deal with it right away you should shut the vehicle off safely do so and get ahold car specialist.

I’m just going to run through and quickly identify what a lot of them common warning lights are first one is the ABS warning light that will let you know if there’s any kind of problem with your anti lock brake system.


Automatic high beam indicators, this one indicates that you’ve got your auto high beam system on. The Brake system warning light indicates a problem with your brake system.

Blindspot & Cruise control indicator.

A Blindspot monitor indicates that somebody is in your blind spot. The cruise control indicator lights up green just to let you know that you’ve got your cruise control on. The drivers front passengers airbag light will light up to let you know that that airbag is not currently active and if it lights up red, problem with your system as normal for the airbag to shut off when you don’t have a passenger in front seat.

Eco driving indicator & Engine light.

The eco driving indicator light indicates you’re operating in Eco mode, a little bit better fuel economy. The electric power steering system will light up your low fluid in your power steering fluid lane departure alert on it will be lit up green. low fuel level warning light we all know that one comes up amber just to let you know fuels getting low. The next one, we’ve all seen throughout our life the check engine light and that one I think we all know it’s usually amber don’t keep driving your car with your check engine light on you can do it or do short term damage which could cause expensive repair if you drive too long.

Master warning light & Sleep indicator.

The master warning light will come on in conjunction with any other system that’s malfunctioning. The parking brake indicator will come on to let you know your parking brake is on and obviously when you’re driving with your break on that’s a dangerous situation. About pre collision system warning this will light up to indicate that system is on or not that’s another one little either be green to indicate the system is on, or it won’t be there at all.

Sleep indicator light and let you know that your traction control is working you’ve had a little bit of attraction issue you’ll just usually see that with flashing quickly. We’ve got the sport mode indicator this one just let you know you’re driving in sport mode and you need to know that just because that mode uses more fuel. It does deliver more power but it uses a lot more gas so if you see that indicator and you want to save money turn that one off and driving in eco mode.

Tail light indicators for Canadian vehicles that one is just going to let you know that your tail lights are on low pressure in your tyres the tyre pressure warning light is one a lot of people don’t understand come on amber means as soon as you can you should check your tyre pressure and Top them up and vehicle stability control off indicator will just light up when you shut that system off just so you know that it is turned off


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