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What you need to know before buying solar generator in Nigeria

What you need to know before buying a solar generator in Nigeria

Solar Generator is a portable power station or power pack with an inbuilt battery and inverter that can power the home and small appliances depending on the watts. Solar generators can either be recharge with solar if you have a solar panel or electricity if you have a constant power supply.

Most solar generator comes with these outputs that are suitable for any electronic appliances.

  • AC output
  • DC output
  • Type c output
  • Usb 3.0 output
  • Cigarette lighter output
  • Wireless charging dock.

The solar generator comes in two different types: the pure sine wave inverter and the modified sine wave. Pure one wave solar generator are always more expensive than modified sine wave solar generator

What can a solar generator power

Solar generators can power home appliances and small electronics depending on the power. As they come in different power sizes 300Wh/500Wh/1000Wh

  • Laptop
  • TV (Led recommended)
  • Fan
  • Energy saving bulb
  • Mini fridge (pure sine wave recommended)
  • Hair blower’s
  • Mobile phone charger and other smaller equipment
  • Microwave
  • Blender

Prices of solar generators in Nigeria

The price of a solar generator is determined by the watt and also the feature it comes along with. The cheapest solar generator is still the qasa solar generator which is 200watt and is sold for 77k. 500W solar generator start from 110k to 130k

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