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Bypass restricted website and streaming service with NordVpn.

Bypass restricted website and streaming service with NordVpn.

NordVpn is often listed as the best VPN for categories such as torrenting, customer service or just being the best overall however it’s not always going to be the ideal choice for everyone.

Beginning with the usability you can connect up to six devices simultaneously and apps are available for all the major devices such as Windows Android Mac OS iOS and even Linux.

However, for Linux, you’ll need to use a repository package with installation instructions as opposed to an actual program with the GUI. Also, there are browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox offered as well the interface for all the apps is clean and easy enough to use though not quite as simplistic in appearance compared to some of the other VPNs out there.

NordVpn Performance

Performance-wise, Nord has over 5800 servers in 59 countries and you get unlimited bandwidth while other VPNs may boost about having higher numbers of servers, but very few can boast about having higher numbers of dedicated servers of which Nord has about 5000.

This is an important note because once a VPN provider achieves adequate coverage server, quality becomes more significant and matters more than server quantity and that’s because dedicated servers are more reliable than virtual servers.

Most of the Norwich servers are located in Europe and North America which is pretty standard as far as VPNs go then streaming wise, it works great at unblocking all the major streaming services such as Netflix Hulu Amazon Prime, and several others however there are few things to keep in mind, for example, Netflix worked pretty much flawlessly while using the I KV 2 protocol but was problematic when using Nord links so if you’re newer to using VPNs it just keeps in mind that not all encryption methods will work the same when it comes to unblocking Netflix or other media providers.

So if you happen to run into any problems don’t hesitate to reach out to their chat support as they are easy to work with and they can walk you through everything so that you have the best experience possible.

Also, I did want to point out that unblocking Amazon Prime was the most difficult for finding a working server so I did end up using the live chat support myself to save me the time of trying to find a server that worked so while Amazon Prime took a little more effort to find a working server experience with unblocking Netflix has been the best out of any VPN I’ve used so far.

US servers and international servers all work great so if unblocking Netflix is a primary motivation for getting a VPN I’d highly recommend Nord in this regard.

Nord Vpn Speed Review

Speed-wise, it has typically fared well in this department usually ranking near the top but lately, as I’ve been doing some recent tests again I’m finding it is at the top while express VPN used to have faster speeds now I’m finding Nordvpn does outperform express so while I can’t say for sure whether this trend will continue or whether express will rise to the top again.

I can confidently say that Nord is a very fast VPN which makes it perfect for streaming 4K content gaming and torrenting well and then regarding turn team while some providers discourage it nor permit it but it is restricted to certain PDP or file-sharing servers however there are now over 4500 of these optimised servers located all over the world. So I’ve never had a problem with any servers being overloaded in addition, Nord gives you the option of taking things a step further by combining 2 servers into one connection for double the protection so ultimately torrenting is fast and easy you get unlimited bandwidth you have the highest level of protection and you don’t have to worry about any throttling.

Nordvpn Overall Review

So overall Nord is easily one of the best VPNs for heavy torrenting and then regarding security, Nord does provide onion over VPN servers for maximum online security and privacy you can also use double VPN servers if you like, which means you’ll be sending your Internet traffic through two different VPN servers instead of justice one which gives you double the encryption.

Nord also provides sophisticated servers which are specifically designed to work in heavily restricted environments when the standard way of connecting stops and so for example in China or in the Middle East countries where the cyber environment is extremely complicated and VPNs are blocked from even being used but these servers are specifically designed to overcome any type of Internet censorship or restrictions which gives the possibility for those traveling or living in heavily restricted regions to reclaim their freedom of choice when it comes to using the Internet.

Privacy Review of Nord Vpn

Regarding privacy Nord is based in Panama which is an especially great place for a VPN provider and they also provide some additional transparency through an independent audit which confirmed their no logs policy.

When it comes to social responsibility Nord works with charities and those in need to provide them with free or discounted VPNs this would include groups such as Amnesty International the Guardian Angel Foundation and the Linux professional institute and on top of that citizens of countries that have extreme Internet censorship or those who might be government surveillance targets or even those whose privacy may be in danger can contact door to get a free emergency VPN.

Price Review of Nord Vpn

Pricing wise, there are three options to choose from, which are the 2year plan which goes for $3.99/mo, 1 year for $4.99/mo, and 1 month for $11.99/mo.

Nord would probably be the best VPN for someone to get there are also a few reasons you may want to choose something else first if split tunneling is a feature you really want to have then you may want to go with another VPN split tunneling is a feature which allows you to route certain apps through the encrypted VPN while routing other apps over the regular or unencrypted Internet Connection it’s not a very common feature for a VPN to have so it’s not a slight to Nord for not having it. But again if this is a must-have feature on your list I’d recommend checking out Express VPN instead.

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