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How to save in Dollars with Pillow App

How to save in Dollars with Pillow App

The Pillow app is one of the best ways to save and invest your money in dollars without stress in Nigeria and earn up to 14% interest per annum. with over 50k users on android alone. The money is invested in verified cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc, while users can withdraw their money at anytime plus interest. The app is available on both ios and android stores.

is Pillow App a Scam?

For now, we can’t consider the pillow app scam as we haven’t seen any negative reviews about the app and most of the influencers used to promote the app on social media is legit, For example, is Valon review and kegantech are both big tech reviewers with lots of followers.

How to fund the pillow app

The app uses the black market dollar rate for the conversation so, if as a user you deposit 1500 naira you get 2 dollars and to make a profit from that you have to leave it for a period of 1 year.

Is it advisable to save using the pillow app?

The rate at which dollar is increasing , it is not advisable for low saver to use the pillow app to save if you are going to be saving token like a dollar per day, cause when you look at the interest at the end of the month, you would realise that you haven’t made any profit. All the profit that is to be made as gone in the process of converting the naira to dollar.

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