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Migo loan, Repayment method and extension

Migo loan, Repayment method and extension

Migo loan or migo money is one of the best and fastest loans you can get without filing any form or submitting any means of identity. They make of the migo USSD service to give customers loans as long as they have good credit scores. Customers can get as high as 60k a month repayment loan with an extension option if they are unable to meet up the given date.

How to Apply for Migo Loan using USSD Code

To get or check eligibility status dial *561# which is the migo ussd loan code with the sim linked to your BVN to access the service, and click on the payment option 15 days or 30 days for the repayment method. Once that is done you will need to fill in your bank detail for the cash transfer.

How to apply for a Migo extension loan

The extension option is made available in case you are unable to pay at the given time. to access the loan extension option follow the steps below.

  • Dial *561#
  • select Extend loan
  • follow the procedure

How to Repay Migo loan with their web portal

To pay back Migo visit their web portal and follow the following steps

  • Visit Migo
  • Log in with your linked Number
  • The unpaid loan will appear
  • Select pay loan
  • Choose pay with Quickteller
  • fill in your card details
  • click pay
  • the loan will be cleared once the payment is successful

Repayment of Migo loan with USSD

  • Dial *561#
  • Click Repay loan
  • Select pay to Bank
  • copy the account number and transfer your cash

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