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BaxiBox pos or Moniepoint pos Which is Better?

BaxiBox pos or Moniepoint pos Which is Better?

Having reviewed both BaxiBox and Moniepoint in my previous post. Well, this is what I have to say after using both pos to carry out transactions. First of all, no terminal has a perfect service, so don’t let anybody deceive you that one terminal is the best. This review is based on my own personal usage of both terminals.

Baxi Bos Charges

Started the business with Baxi Box and I can categorically tell you that I had no regrets. Other than the fact that their charges were high then. But of recent, it has been reviewed from 0.65% to 0.55% for 1-20001 and 100 Naira for 20001-100k.


In terms of network, I will personally rate them 90% and when they have system downtime they hardly debit customers and if they do, it will be reversed within 24hrs but not all the time.

When it comes to depositing. I will rate them 95% especially after they upgraded to Baxi 2.0 which automatically reverses pending transactions without reporting the transaction.

Apart from all these, you also get commission on all bill payments, vtu, data, and cable subscriptions which are one benefit you can never get from Moniepoint.

Features that Moniepoint used in killing Baxi

  • Ability to check account balance for customers
  • Send money from ATM directly
  • Request for refund when debited

As for Moniepoint, they have a great network but also experience system downtime and also nice customer service always ready to resolve any issues you are having.

When it comes to charges. Moniepoint is better than Baxi, they charge 0.5% for transactions below 20k and 100 Naira cap for 20k upward.

But with all these features, there is a price to pay. Which is the target. Unlike Baxi Box which doesn’t have a target. Moniepoint will lock your terminal and retrieve its terminal if you fail to meet up with the Daily target of 150k or 200k depending on your aggregator.

So if you are planning to venture into Pos Business I will advise you to just opt-in for Baxi pos Machine, But when it comes to money been added to your wallet after a successful transaction, Baxi performs that operation faster than Moniepoint. In most cases, it takes mins for before your wallet gets credited after a successful withdrawal transaction but with Baxi it is instant.

For Deposit Transactions, Baxipos is more reliable than Moniepoint so I can rate Baxi 90% and Moniepoint 80%

Before you get Moniepoint, you must consider these things

  • Traffic: if you are in a place whereby the total amount of withdrawal transactions you do is 150-200k daily including transfers from customers, I won’t advise you to use their terminal, why? There are times when they will have system downtime and you won’t be able to use their terminal, which will result in you using another terminal at the end of the day, all the transactions done on their terminal won’t be up to 150k/200k which is their daily target. But if you are an agent who does up to 500k withdrawal transactions in a day, you can go for Moniepoint.
  • Capital: if your total capital is 100k, I will advise you to choose Baxi Box.

In conclusion, both terminals are good but as a new agent, Moniepoint is not for you.

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